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Agro-Business Services

Industry Development

Agribusiness subsectors are constantly under review to identify possibilities for development and expansion of agri-business industries. To complement and stimulate growth in these targeted areas a cadre of staff, spanning the competencies of business plan development and marketing identification, will oversee the operation of specified implementable projects. Our Industry Development Officers will develop the plans, liaise with the other divisions to identify funding, and coordinate the execution of these plans.


The business approach utilized involves an assessment of the industry through consultation with stakeholders and development of a holistic plan for the total development of the industry. Based on competitiveness studies and national strategic importance there is an urgent need for further development of several industries, namely: ornamental fish, ornamental horticulture, hot pepper, honey, pineapple (and other fruits), small ruminants (sheep & goats), cassava, sorghum, sweet potato, rice and cattle.


Plans for other industries will be developed based on competitiveness studies, market research, or their strategic importance to the country e.g. for import substitution or food security.






Targeted Industries








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