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Agro-Business Services


Agro-Invest is responsible for planning, organising, directing and monitoring activities aimed at promoting, creating, developing and supporting viable and sustainable agricultural and agribusiness industries. The development of bankable business plans will be facilitated by us in a bid to assist small to medium sized type investors.  MORE



Agribusiness subsectors are constantly under review to identify possibilities for development and expansion of agri-business industries. To complement and stimulate growth in these targeted areas a cadre of staff, spanning the competencies of business plan development and...  MORE


  • Dadrick Henry

    Mr. Dadrick Henry is a registered farmer and butcher and was interested in starting a piggery operation. He was informed of our organization by the NPCB Manager who urged him to use our services. Mr. Henry is a police officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force and a farmer at heart. This


    Paul Watson decided to pursue farming as a business, to capitalize on the excellent opportunities that exist in agriculture today. Based on the information coming out of the ministry and the capacity of the land he settled on producing marketable volumes of onions for the local

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